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Introduction to Psychology

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3.this stage begins at ___________ continuing through one's lifetime
7.early voice in feminine psychology
10.a form of displacement but directs emotion to an acceptable purpose
15.directs anger to someone other than the original target
17.this stage focused on social skills and intellectual development
20.this envy leads her to identification with the mother
22._________ formation; unacceptable feelings become the opposite in consciousness
23."stuck" in a stage due to inadequate or excessive gratification
25.the 40-year-old is sucking his thumb; it must be __________________
26.in the oral stage, gratification is focused on the ______________
1.sum of psychological characteristics and behavior patterns
2.in this stage, boys experience the Oedipal Complex
4.referees the demands of the id and superego
5.believed personality is shaped by unconscious forces and conflicts
6.when basic __________ is repressed, person is anxious and insecure
8.blocks threatening thoughts from consciousness
9.alcoholics may distort reality rather admit to a problem
11.includes instincts for sex and aggression
12.in this stage, the child is in potty-training
13.she excused the way she treats her mother by saying her mother doesn't care anyway
14.he was interested in self-awareness, present goals and collective unconscious,
16.attributes one's unacceptable impulses to someone else
18.the id operates according to this principle
19.mechanisms to prevent anxiety-provoking awareness
21.last stage to develop; internalized parental authority
24.his theory includes the drive to compensate for inferiority complex

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