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Personality 13.2 - 13.4

Introduction to Psychology

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2.this locus of control takes responsibility for the outcome of their behavior
6.this postive regard sets conditions for one's worth and acceptance
8.G.A. states these traits influence and guide behavior; MLK Jr for example
10.G. A. states these traits are more common, the building blocks of persoanlity
12.social ___ theory includes rewards/punishments as influence on personality
17.this positive regard comes with no strings attached, acceptance of person
18.___ determination refers to the influence of cognitive, behavior, and environment on behavior
19.as proposed by Mischel suggests both traits and situations influence behavior
20.his hierarchy of needs builds on basic needs through self-actualization
21.proposed personality influenced by both situation variables and person variables
23.this couple is credited with ethnic identity research that led to integration in schools
25.his theory includes the importance of locus of control
26.if high in this trait, you can count on the person to do what he/she said
1.his theory includes Reciprocal Determinism
3.these expectations are predictions about one's ability
4.the acronym for the Big Five Trait Theory
5.these factors create a predisposition for a trait, but trait also requires other influences in order to be present
7.if low in this trait, you are an emotionally stable person
9.this locus of control blames bad luck or fate for outcomes
11.the opposite of this trait is to be antagonistic
13.at its worst, this type of culture encourages greed and exploitation
14.a person from this type of culture is more concerned with the interests of the group
15.his theoroy states that traits are embedded in the brain
16.this type of psychology describes free will and actualizing tendencies as basis of personality
22.he define surface traits and source traits
24.distinct set of relatively stable and enduring characteristics

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