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19.01 Nat Res I

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11 12   13      

5.Erosion causes a variety of problems, but major problem is loss of land _______.
6._______ erosion is the wearing away of thin layers or sheets of soil
7.the process of soil sliding down a hillside.
9.Soil erosion is a ________process by which soil is moved and lost from the land.
10.Soil ___________ is lowering the quality of the soil
11.The Mississippi Delta is an example of natural _________.
1.The major cause of erosion in North America is_________.
2._______ erosion results from uncontrollable rill erosion
3.Comes from chemicals, oil and other substances in the soil
4._______ erosion is the removal of topsoil at an excessive rate.
8.________ erosion is; wind blowing over sandy, unprotected soil; most common in dry climates.
12._______ erosion is the formation of small channels on sloping land
13.The average topsoil depth in United States is __________ inches.

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