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  2 3 4
5                           6
7 8 9         10    
11             12    
16                     17  

5.Child molestation
9.Person renting an apartment
11.a contract that sets the conditions for renting an apartment
14.Commom painkiller used by students
15.How many dollars could it cost if you are caught spray painting on someone else's property
16.A less serious criminal charge
18.A way to commit the crime of false identification
19.What protection do you gain from putting your lease in writing
20.A reason a police officer can break up a party
1.The punishment for possessing ___________ -the most commonly used illicit drug- is less severe.
2.Do you need a special license to operate a motor boat
3.An example of a hallucinogenic drug that is a felony
4.What is it when a drug is slipped into an unsuspecting victim's drink to pave the way for a sexual assault
6.Money that the landlord holds as security against property damages, unclean conditions and unpaid rent
7.Pre-initiation into a student organization
8.A serious criminal charge
10.How old do you need to be to buy alcohol
12.Any equipment designed to help grow, make or use a controlled substance
13.What can you be sued for by your landlord
17.How many years in prison can you face if you slip someone a date rape drug

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