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Physical Characteristics of Gases

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2.(atm) defined as being exactly equivalent to 760 mm Hg
4.spontaneous mixing of the particles of two substances caused by their random motion
10.a common unit of pressure, symbolized as mm Hg
11.the force per unit area on a surface
13.the pressure exerted by a force of one newton (1N) acting on an area of one square meter
17.the force that will increase the speed of a one kilogram mass by one meter per second each second it is applied
19.the pressure of a fixed mass of gas at constant volume varies directly with the Kelvin temperature
20.a device used to measure atomospheric pressure
21.an imaginary gas that perfectly fits all the assumptions of the kinetic-molecular theory
23.the total pressure of a mixture of gases is equal to the sum of the partial pressures of the component gases
1.liquids and gases flow and therefore are referred to as this
3.for purposes of comparision, scientists have agreed on standard conditions of exactly 1 atm pressure and 0 degrees C
5.the temperature -273.15 Kelvin which is the lowest possible temperature
6.based on the idea that particles of matter are always in motion
7.states that the volume of a fixed mass of gas at constant pressure varies direstly with the Kelvin temperature
8.a pressure of 1mm Hg is called one..
9.a collision in which there is no net loss of kinetic energy
12.pressure of each gas in a mixture
14.expresses the relationship between pressure, volume, and the temperature of a fixed amount of gas
15.a gas that does not behave completely according to the assumptions of the kinetic-molecular theory
16.a process by which gas particles pass through a tiny opening
18.states that the volume of a fixed mass of gas varies inversely with the pressure at constant temperature
22.simple mathematical relationships between the volume, temperature, pressure, and the amount of a gas

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