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Golf Terms

The Dhein's

Golf Terminology

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4.As a noun it is used to describe the club head of an iron
7.To the action of the golf ball as it stops rolling as a result of the amount of backspin on it.
9.You are said to make it when you sink your ball in one shot on a par 3 hole.
10.A ball played for a ball which may be lost outside a water hazard or which may be out of bounds
11.A shot which sends the ball veering slightly to the right
14.The bottom part of the golf club which makes contact with the ball
16.Your body alignment points towards the left of the target when set up
17.A system of adjustment to the score system so that golfers of different skill levels can compete with one another without the better players dominating the game
21.A device which is designed to raise the ball off the ground
22.Forward movement of the club made with the intention of striking at and moving the ball
23.The second half
24.A shot which aims to place your ball on the green area
25.Shot which bends towards the right
26.When you sink your ball in one more shot than the par for a specific hole
27.The direction in which the grass on the green is growing
1.Movement of the club as it travels through the downswing and into a right-to-left pathway across the ball
2.An illegal second attempt at a shot which went wrong
3.Both feet are in line and parallel to the target line
4.A hazard area which is filled with sand in his usually sited near the green or on the fairway.
5.Simply to miss or totally mess up a shot.
6.A small piece of turf which is removed by your golf club when you hit a ball
8.Part of the clubhead which attaches it to the shaft of the club
11.The amount of bend within the shaft of a golf club
12.Another word the hole in the green which is the ultimate target for the golf ball
13.Shot which is hit far harder and longer than you would normally hit the ball with a particular club
15.Any small flat object which is used to mark the position of your ball when it is on the green
18.A club which uses a metallic blade for the clubhead
19.The flagged pole that rests inside the cup to mark the position of the hole on each green.
20.A match where two players play against two other players and where each side plays one ball.

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