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#101.03 Confined Space Operations

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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3.Before allowing personnel to enter a confined space, the officer in command must attempt to gather any available information about the nature of the situation or _____, particularly as it pertains to the atmosphere inside the space
6.Confined spaces include caverns, tunnels, pipes, tanks, and any other locations where ventilation and access are restricted by the configuration of the _____
8.When test instruments are available, readings of oxygen concentration, explosive gas or vapor concentrations, and carbon monoxide shall be taken before _____
9._____ clothing should be worn as required by the situation, depending on an evaluation of the hazards and the products which may be inside the confined space
12.When feasible, Command should establish a _____ Sector to begin operations directed at providing fresh air and/or exhausting contaminated air from the confined space
13.A _____ Sector with ALS capability shall also be provided near the entrance/exit point.
14.In order to provided adequate support for confined space incidents, _____ should provide a minimum 2:1 ratio of personnel outside the confined space to support personnel working within
15.Where feasible, _____ shall be used by personnel entering the confined space
1.A primary function of the Lobby Sector is to control the number of personnel and prevent crowding at the _____ to the confined space
2.If when, the Safety Sector Officer judges that an operation is unsafe, the operation shall be _____
4.Confined space incidents may involve injured persons, _____ or overcome by toxic substances, cave ins or fires occurring within the space
5.Breathing apparatus shall be used without exception in confined spaces until or unless analysis of the atmosphere confirms that it is safe to _____
7.Any electrical or mechanical equipment taken inside the confined space, including lighting equipment, shall be an _____ proof type, when any flammable hazard is suspected
9.ALL _____ entering confined spaces SHALL use breathing apparatus
10.If these _____ are not immediately available, the Hazardous Incident Response Team shall be requested to respond and evaluate the atmosphere as quickly as possible
11.When ventilating a confined space containing flammable vapors or gases, ventilation must consider the concentration in relation to the _____ limits

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