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#101.04 Trench Rescue Operations

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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2._____ to provide access into and out of the trench should be placed on both sides, at not more than 6 foot intervals
4.The welfare of _____ must be evaluated in relation to the safety of rescue personnel and the delay required to obtaining the needed resources
6.The Safety Officer should take advantage of _____ technical assistance when available
9.All other personnel should remain in a _____ Area outside the Hazard Zone
10.The Safety Officer is responsible for _____ operations and for the placement of shoring
11._____ rescue operations present a significant danger to fire department personnel and may involve complex requirement for shoring, hand tools, earth moving equipment and other specialized resources
13.Cave ins and collapses generally occur because of unstable ____ conditions combined with improper and/or inadequate shoring
14.The Safety Sector Officer must assure that rescue personnel and spectators are kept away from the edge of the open cut or trench to avoid overloading the ____
15.The _____ Officer must keep in mind the safety of the operation and the need to take action very deliberately
1.All traffic should be stopped or rerouted for at least 300 feet around the excavation to minimize _____
3.The Extrication Sector Officer must maintain a constant _____ of the position and function of all personnel directly involved in the extrication effort
5._____ should not approach within 50 feet of the open trench during rescue operations
7.Due to the exhausting nature of trench rescue work the Extrication Sector must be prepared to rotate personnel at the first sign of _____
8.The size up of the incident must include an evaluation of the _____ profile for any known victims, based on rescue potential and risk to the rescue personnel
9.The operation must be very directly supervised to assure that rescue workers are not digging and moving earth _____
12.Any operations conducted without shoring present an extreme ____ to personnel

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