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Unit 1 - Intro to Space and Earth Sciences

Ms. Keegan

Use your notes from Unit 1 to complete this crossword puzzle. If you have misplaced your copy of the notes they can be found on files for students under Ms. Wallette. Good Luck!

1               2 3
5 6            

1.The oldest debris in orbit is the 2nd US satellite called what? (2 Words)
4.Paleontologists use this to split apart pieces of soft rock. Also known as a fossil hammer
6.An advantage of geostationary satellites
8.Instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure
9.One component of a satellite
10.A branch of Earth Science
2.Instrument used for measuring angles of slope, tilt, elevation or inclination of an object with respect to gravity
3.In January 2007, ______ destroyed one of its own satellites with a missile launched from Earth
5.This makes up 17% of Space Debris (2 Words)
7.A satellite with a relatively low orbit will circle the earth approximately how many times a day?

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