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The West Wing

Craig T

Characters and events from the West Wing TV series.

1 2 3       4            
5   6                 7          
    11     12       13  
        17 18  
    19 20                      
  23 24 25          
27 28      
29           30       31     32 33 34
37             38                   39    

2.Reason for Zoey to celebrate
5.The episode that discusses Islam after 9/11
9.term used to shut down the West Wing
10.Position held by Glen Allen Walken
12.Toby arranges a funeral for a veteran of this war
14.Josh is attracted to this pollster
15.Sam leaves to run for office in this state
16.Stackhouse uses this tactic to bring attention to autism funding
20.Jed tries to fill this seat
21.shooting took place here
22.An expert from England
25.Lillianfield accuses White House staffers of using this
26.Invoked to kill Shareef off of US soil
28.Chief of Staff for Mrs B
29.Secretray to the President's father
33.Jed has this
36.Charlie's job
37.this is used to change representative districts
38.President invokes this amendment
39.former cabinet secretary
40.How did Mrs. Landingham die?
41.term used to describe the attack on Charlie
1.The head of the Joint Chiefs
3.Lead counsel at the White House
4.The most powerful woman in the "Sit Room"
6.Republican lawyer on the White House staff
7.the President's disease
8.On of the recurring reporters in the press room
9.Press secretary
11.Sam's "friend"
13.the President's plane
17.Gets Zoey in major trouble
18.The press secretary likes these
19.Agency that struggled with Galileo
23.Office that Toby directs
24.Name of Toby's son
27.Donna's from here
29.Toby's dad worked here
30.Noisy reporter
31.VP until he resigns
32.name for the election period that does not include the President
34.Josh talks to him about the shooting
35.Mrs Bartlet

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