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Unit 3 - Rocks and Minerals

Ms. Keegan

Use your notes from Unit 3 to complete this crossword puzzle. If you have misplaced your notes they can be found on files for students under Ms. Wallette. Good Luck!

1     2           3
  4 5        
  6 7                
8 9                     10  
      13 14              
  15 16                      
  17   18        
19                   20
21       22          
24               25            
30   31        

1.Materials that settle out of water or air
5.Birthstone for June
7.Type of lava that is ropey with a glassy/plastic skin
9.______ Principle: Water displaced by a substance is equal in volume to the substance
11.Father of modern geology (2 Words)
12.All silicates contain oxygen and _____
14.Todays atmosphere contains 78% of this gas
16.A crystal group
18.Magma and _____ form different types of igneous rocks
19.An arrangement of minerals in flat or wavy parallel bands
22.Mineral formed when water evaporates in a hot shallow part of the ocean
24.Limestone is made up of carbonate materials such as this
25.Type of mining that uses explosives to remove underlying rock (2 Words)
27.Limestone is the parent rock of _____
28.Solid in which the atoms are arranged in an orderly 3D repeating pattern
29.The smallest particle that an element can be divided into
30.Means shine or no shine
32.Early atmosphere had what % of oxygen?
33.Solid fragments from an eruption
2.If magma cools inside the crust it forms _____ rock
3.Tendency of a mineral to break into irregular pieces
4.When 2 or more elements are combined
6.A type of rock that forms when heat or pressure cause older rocks to change into new types of rock
8.Contains the oceans basin and continents
10.Elements that occur naturally in a solid crystalline form and that are used to form rocks
13.Tendency of a mineral to break along flat surfaces
15.Magma too thick to flow
17.Minerals resistance to being scratched
20.Preserved ancient sand dunes
21.Earths inner core is made up of solid _____ and iron
23.A substance that has all the same type of atoms
26.Density = Mass divided by _____
27.Molten rock inside the earth
31.Color of the powder left behind when a mineral is scrapped across a surface

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