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chapter 6

jenifer vega

interviewing interrogating

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1.willing to furinformaton but are prejudiced towards suspect. suspect
10.interview techique that helps victims or witness mentally put themselves at the crime scene to gather information
15.questioning to obtain inforamtion from person suspected of suspect of being directly/indirectly involved in a crime
18.latin phrase for ' in matter of ", adrressadverarialconfession
19.defense offense by a suspector defenant that attempts to prove that he / she was else where when crime in question was cmmited
22.hesitant to offer information because fears suspect/ associates will seek revenage
23.word with negative connatation in certain context in agiven cultre
24.motivatign and convincing to offer information or comply with a request
25.relationship of mutal trust and emotional affinity develops between interrogator and the person
2.individual wants to offer no imfprmation or assiances to investigator
3.questioning to obtain inforamtion regarding a crime, suspect or event ; "a connversation with a purpose"
4.voluntary statement which a person charge with commison of a crime admits partucupatin in or commtting the crimal act action
5.person who is mentally deficient such as seeking publicity, pathological liar and childern with vivd imagination
6.draw information with out specifically adressing a topic
7.questioning that may be phrased
8.hostile towards police
9.most important type of witnees
11.formal allegation by which legal acton is commenced against a party
12.use or threat of physical force mental or emotion cruelty
13.line of questiong to validate the anseror force the suspect to implicate him or herself ni matter what the answer is given
14.individual who seeks satisfaction or actionfor injury fpr damage
16.techique of listening/ hearing what is said with out interrupting the speaker
17.cooperate with police and furnish all information
20.mechincL al device that permits an assessment of deception associated stress as manifest in physiology data
21.voulntary statement by an accused pperson, containing information and facts about a crime but does not confess

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