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5.There is a _______ plan to put goats on the field on the last day of school.
6.________ the flames, we need more heat!
9.When writing an essay, it is important that you don't go off on a _______.
10.to shrink away or recoil in fear--When a parent is about to hit her child, the child often cowers.
12.It really isn't ___________ that you wrote this yourself; it is obviously plaigerized.
13.The flag ________ in the wind.
15.to cause to exist--War engenders bravery.
16.He is a quiet, _______ man who is not angered by anything.
17.Your new hair cut really __________s your face.
18.How dare you pass that ________ gold off as real!
19.I ________ it when people don't take responsibility for their wrongdoings.
20.the state of being complicated or puzzled--A person can be perplexed; a problem can have perplexity.
21.the scientific study of humanity--An anthropologist might study the origins a custom or the culture of a tribe
1.to speak formally or pompously--A king is a person who would orate.
2.owner--The possessor of this building refuses to rent it to anyone.
3.full or satisfied--Chocolate tends to make me replete with happiness.
4.something that stops or prevents, hampers--My broken leg is a hindrance to getting chores done.
7.dulled or suspended sense of sensibility--Exhaustion can put a person into a stupor.
8.opposition--Many are currently putting up resistance against dictatorship.
11.something determined in advance, such as fate or destiny--A career or marriage might be considered a predestination.
14.to send or assign to a place or category of insignificance--Problem soldiers might be relegated to kitchen duty.

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