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Volcabulary on Temperate Rainforests

Ted Li

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1.The maximum accumulated amount in centimeters of annual rainfall in temperate rainforests. (2 Words)
3.Cone-bearing evergreen trees with needles.
4.One type of human activity that is threatening all types of rainforests.
5.Approximate degrees of latitude in the Northern Hemishpere where the temperate rainforest begins. (2 Words)
8.The middle layer of temperate rainforests containing broadleaf trees and shrubs.
10.The layer in rainforests that is made up of the tops of the tallest trees.
11.The total amount of living things in a region such as a rainforest.
1.The Ground Layer of a rainforest. (2 Words)
2.Microscopic fungi and bacteria that feed directly on dead matter and break it down.
6.Plants that has to live nonparasitically on other plants instead of in the soil, water,or air.
7.A dead tree that falls in the forest and provides nutrients for plants to seed and grow. (2 Words)
9.Coming from living material such as plants or animals.

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