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Cleopatra VII Thea Philapator

Auriel Doss

1 2 3   4   5 6 7 8
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2.Her mother was Cleopatra the _______
9._______ IV was beheaded by her father
10.She was the only pharaoh in the Ptolemaic dynasty who could actually speak _______
12._______ was 59 years old when he meet Cleopatra
13.She was ______ years old when she died in 30 BC (2 Words)
14.She married her _______ year old brother, Ptolemy XIII, when she was only 18
16.Cleopatra and Caesar's child
19.Cleopatra ______ the Battle of Actium
21.She had three children with _______ Antony
22.Her father died in the _______ of 51 BC
23.She was born around 69 _______
1.Her full name was Cleopatra VII _______ Philapotor
3.She belived she was this Egyptian goddess
4.She ruled for ______ years (2 Words)
5.She was born in which city
6.Cleopatra killed herself with this type of snake
7.Antony performed this act when told a false report of Cleopatra's death
8.Antony called Cleopatra the Queen of _______
11.Her father was _______ XII Auletes
15.She was the last Pharaoh of _______
16.Cleopatra had an affair with Julius _______
17.Cleopatra had _______ brothers and three sisters
18.Cleopatra was in _______ when Caesar was assassinated
20.Cleopatra could speak _______ languages

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