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The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

Aiden Potter

1 2     3       4
7             8      
9       10
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14                         15  
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22         23        

5.Greek god of sleep
6.Roman queen of the Gods
7.Formed by Chaos, gave birth to Uranus and some giants
11.One of the three sections of the Underworld; you went here if you did something evil
14.Where the Gods lived (abbr.)
16.A creature with the upper torso of a man and the body of a horse
18.The author of this book
20.The Romans adapted this people's culture
21.A being with one mortal parent and one god (or goddess) one
22.Creature that is part man and part goat
23.Everything he touched turned to gold
2.People that overthrew the Greeks
4.One who saves things
5.Greek God of fire
8.Greek Goddess of love
9.One-eyed creature
10.Roman king of the Gods
11.The race that was overthrown by the "new gods" led by Zeus
12.Greek goddess of the hunt
13.King of the Titans, overthrown by Zeus
15.Greek god of storms
17.Hides the mythological world from the naked eye
19.She helped Jason get the Golden Fleece

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