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Astronomy - Senior Final


1 2
3                   4            
  5                   6
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    9 10                
          12 13  
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17                 18      
20                     21
    22                 23          
    24                         25  

3.Earth completes one ____ around the sun in 365 days
4.The two most interesting characteristics of Saturn are its rings and its ____ (remember, "it floats")
5.He proved that the sun is the center of the universe
7.Earth was named after the Greek goddess, "_____"
8.Saturn is named after the "God of the the _____"
10.Earth completes one complete _____ in 24 hours
14.She was the first American woman to ride the Space Shuttle (first and last name) (2 Words)
15.The Montgolfier brothers were the inventors of the ____ ____ _____ (3 Words)
17.A device used to see objects that are far away
19.According to Ptolemy's theory, this is the center of the solar system
20.Scientist who launched the first liquid fueled rocket
22.Jupiter is named after the " ___ __ __ ___" (4 Words)
24.Venus was name after the "God of ____ ___ ____" (3 Words)
26.The darker shadow during an eclipse
27.He was the first person to walk on the moon (last name)
28.Neptune is named after the " ___ __ __ ___" (4 Words)
29.The first of these were used to schedule planting and harvesting
30.The outer limit or the Solar System
31.Cooler areas on the sun's surface are called ____.
1.He showed how planets move
2.He invented the refracting telescope
4.The angle above the horizon
6.Beyond the orbit of Mars is a region known as the ____ _____ (2 Words)
7.A rocket has a ____ that helps keep its balance.
9.In the sun's core hydrogen fuses into ____
11.The most striking feature of Uranus is its ____
12.Uranus is named for the "____ __ _____" (3 Words)
13.Mars was named after the "God of ___ ___" (2 Words)
16.Foucault used a ____ to prove that the Earth rotates
18.He discovered the Law of Gravity
20.The phase of the moon that is more than a quarter, but less than a half.
21.Mercury was named for the" _________ of the Gods"
23.The hurricane on Jupiter that is larger than 3 Earths is called the ___ ___ ___ (3 Words)
25.The scientific study of stars

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