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Ibrahim & Nawaj

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1.the supply is shown by a vertical supply curve.
3.it is an upward movement along the supply curve. Contraction/it is a downward movement along the supply curve.
5.it is a percentage tax added to the price of the good sold.
7.this is the point when the supply and demand curve intersect.
9.it leads to decrease in firms' costs and increases supply.It resembles to CAPITAL.
11.the amount of a product will be offered to the market at any given price at a particular time.
12.if it increase then supply will fall or vice versa.
14.it occurs when price is set below the equilibrium price.
2.if demand increases and supply falls then prices will rise, or vice versa.
4.if prices rise, the quantity supplied also rise, or vice versa.
6.this is caused by: cost of production, technology, indirect taxes and subsidies, weather and prices of other goods.
8.it is the tax that is placed on a good regardless of the good's price.
10.it occurs when price is set above the equilibrium price.
13.it has an effect particularly on agricultural goods.

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