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Anxiety Disorders

Introduction to Psychology

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3.another term for mental illness or mental disorder
5.statistical infrequency; what most people do vs what most people don't
7.fear of leaving safety; housebound in extreme cases
8.a legal determination, not a psychiatric diagnosis
9.incongruent self due to blocked growth tendency
11.impairment of expected roles: as in ability to work, play, and love
13.a professor wearing a clown costume to class is an example of this
15._________________________ + stress = disorder
19.in what sociocultural setting or situation the behavior occurs
20.the PIIW assignment for this chapter is about this subject
22.phobia - irrational fear where person may be negatively evaluation/humiliated
23.intrusive, unwanted thoughts
24.firmly held false beliefs
25.Diagnostic and Statistical Manual which describes conditions
1.anxiety disorder involving strong irrational fear of object or situation
2.social phobia in virtually all situations; more severe than the other
4.poor mental health results from unresolved unconscious conflicts
6.motivated by obsessions believed to reduce the anxiety
7.fear of heights
10.disorders - intense feelings of apprehension are long-standing and disruptive
12.Social-cognitive model; past ____________ and current situation
14.severe sufferning which may indicate a need for treatment
16.nonsensical thinking; Ellis's model of abnormal behavior
17.a disorder when recurrent; may feel like a heart attack
18.post-traumatic stress disorder
19.____ bound disorder like Dhat or Ataques de nervios
21.generalized anxiety _______________ ; free-floating, without focus
26.Intro Psych - final exam is during this month on the 19th

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