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Lady Gaga Crossword Puzzle

By Stefani Germanotta

Do you know Lady Gaga? If you said yes let's test that knowledge, see if you can finish this puzzle, let's see if you really know the pop sensation, Lady Gaga.

1 2
3   4  
  5 6      

7.At the 2009 __________ she had one of the bloodiest performances ever as she sang "Paparazzi."
8."To all those people who say it is wrong to feel this way say i was ______________ this way baby."
1.Lady Gaga preformed her song "Born This Way" the day it came out at this award show.
2."Lets have some fun this beat is sick i want to take a ride on your ________________."
3.Many may say she is more like this person than Madonna.
4.Her parents occupation were _____________ entrepreneurs.
5.Her real name is_____________.
6.Her first song.

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