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OD Winback

1           2 3 4
7 8       9
11                     12    
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        18   19

1.A professional teenager? No way… Whey!
5.Diplomatic _______ is a policy held between governments meant to ensure that diplomats are not susceptible to lawsuit or prosecution
6."The Challenge" is a film starring two sisters who got they're start playing the role of Michelle on...
7.Contraction of I have
10.A _____ Called Quest
11."Survivor" is the third studio album and the name of a song by this American girl group
16.To become combined, united, or as one. Rhymes with an antonym that means to expel. Also rhymes with a word that means to spend lavishly.
17."Survivor" is an American rock band best known for its double platinum 1982 hit, the theme song for Rocky III
20.Put it before BALL and it's an underestimation
21.One of the earliest examples of reality TV debuted in 1948 and broadcasted unsuspecting ordinary people reacting to pranks. "Smile"
22.A long shaft with a broad blade at one end, used as a lever for rowing or otherwise propelling or steering a boat
2."Survival of the fittest" is often used as a synonymous term for this key mechanism of evolution as described by Charles Darwin
3."Survivalism" is a song by Trent Reznor's band...
4.Put it before END and it belongs on the top shelf
8.Rock the ____ is a non-profit, non-partisan organization whose mission is to engage and build the political power of young people by using music and pop culture
9.To wait on a table or to perform a duty, especially in a military branch
12."Oh no not I, I will survive, as long as i know how to ____"
13."Surviving Christmas" is a 2004 comedy film starring this daredevil
14."The Shawshank __________"
15.One full turn in a circle: like in a complete turntablle rotation
18.A novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, narrating a tale of pirates and buried gold entitled "Treasure ______"
19."I'm a Survivor" is the title of a song this country music singer used as the theme song to her hit televison show

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