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Girls Choral - Second Semester Terms

Ms. Hoogendoorn

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3.F Clef - a symbol shaped like a hook, wrapping around the F line of the music
7.moderately slow
8.(D.C.); to return and perform from the beginning
9.return to the original tempo
13.the distance or relation between to pitches
14.(p) soft
15.little by little
17.the pace at which a composition is to be performed; rate of speed
19.growing broader, that is, louder and slower
24.(ff) very loud
27.G Clef - a symbol which wraps around the G line of the music staff
29.a grouping of accidentals placed at the beinning of a composition or section to indicate key
34.a change of key within a composition
35.emphasis or stress on one tone over others
36.gradually get softer
38.less slow than largo
40.very fast and lively
42.choral music generally without accompaniment; literally - in the style of the chapel
43.very slow
44.voices on the same pitch or mixed voices in octaves
45.a section added at the end of a composition or passage as a conclusion
1.a birdseye shaped symbol indicating "to hold"
2.a break in the music
4.(sf or sfz); forced or accented
5.(D.S.); to return and perform from the sign
6.moderate; walking tempo
8.to divide; as into parts
9.animated; excited; with life and spirit
11.(mp); medium soft
12.(rit); gradually slower
16.indicating 2/2 time or "cut time"; literally - on the breve (half note)
18.gradually get louder
20.(accel.) or stringendo (string.); gradually growing faster
21.a relation or state of tension between various tones
23.a natural division of the melodic line with a cadence; comparable to a clause or sentence
25.a symbol indicating the type of meter and the unit of beat (ex: 4,4 6/8 etc.)
26.medium loud
30.hold or sustain
31.short; detached
32.(pp); very soft
33.the note names of the spaces of the treble clef
37.the note names of the lines of the treble clef
39.smooth and connected
41.much, very

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