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Educational Psychology puzzle

Taylor Smarsty

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1.purple (2 Words)
5.solar system's largest planet
7.This is a term that represents how peoples behaviors and perceptions about others are affected by their relationship with that person. (2 Words)
8.A term used to describe the emotion of feeling comfortable in your environment and feeling needed and wanted by your classmates
11.This is when the teacher teaches a lesson based on the general expectations of the students. (2 Words)
13.This is when something is taught that will be relevant to the real world outside of the classroom. (2 Words)
14.behavior related to daily living skills and appropriate conduct in a social situation (2 Words)
16.Learning something by utilizing the environment (2 Words)
17.disorder characterized by innattention, hyperactivity, or impulsive behavior
19.This is when a teacher signals at negative or positive behavior, depending on the desired actions
20.Red Blue Yellow (2 Words)
22.A term used to describe the actions of keeping the class in line and preventing conflicts. (2 Words)
23.to show students the difference between right and wrong by acting out the desired behavior.
24.study tool used to remember long phrases
25.This Is an extremely important term for teachers meaning that they have control over their classroom and are able to prevent and allow behaviors
2.research collected by teachers and school employees that represent issues and problems in their won school (2 Words)
3.a child who frequently threatens, harasses, or causes injury to another student
4.- When a student believes that they can do something; they have good confidence in themselves, then they bounce to a negative state of mind because of an unexpected event. (3 Words)
6.This is a term used to describe how well an assessment accurately measures something you cannot observe, such as an educational or psychological trait. (2 Words)
9.Anxiety that comes from a threat for a short period of time (2 Words)
10.How a person keeps their positive state of mind going, and the tools or tricks they use to motivate themselves. (2 Words)
12.Dealing with a new event consistantly with a scheme
15.This is a memory task where someone has to get information in their head among irrelevant information. (2 Words)
18.A goal that is set with a deadline (2 Words)
21.observing a student's behavior and making a conclusion about their knowledge and abilities

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