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Chapter 3

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5.A response to a touch on the palm of a hand of an infant
6.An infant's response in turning toward the sorce of touching that occurs anywhere around his or her mouth
7.The process of learning the rules of behavior of the culture within which an individuals is born and will live
10.A child's realization that an object exists even when he or she cannot see, hear, or touch it
12.According to Piaget, the principle that given quanitiy does not change when its apperence is changed
13.The process of redirecting sexual impulses into learning tasks
14.The internally programmed growth of a child that occurs as a result of automatic, genetically determined signals
15.Inherited or responses that are displayed by newborn animals when they encounter new stimuli in their environment
1.The process of fitting objects and experiences into one's schemas to deal with situation and to understand the environment
2.An important aspects of children's play that involves assuming adult roles, thus enabling the child to experience different points of view frsthand
3.A stage or point in development when certain skills or abiities are most easily learned
4.The kind of verbal utterances offered by young children in which articles, prepositions, and patrs of verbs are left out, but the meaning is usuallyclear
7.An idea or mental framework a person uses to organize and interpret information and make sense of the world
8.The process by which a person changes his or her old methods or schemas to adjust or deal with new situations
9.The process by which a child adopts the values and principles of the same sex parent
11.A young chld's inability to understand another person's perspective

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