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Auto quiz on Indian cars

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3.Distance between the two tyres front and rear is called ____________
5.The new TJET variant is related to which model?
7."More than meets the eye" is the brand tag line of this model
9.ESP stands for Electronic _______________ Program
12.What is the used car business of Tata Motors called?
16.In the tyre size 175/70 R13, 70 denotes __________ ratio
18.The Manza Quadrajet engine gives an output of _______ PS power
19.HVAC stands for Heating ______________ and Air Conditioning
21.What is the new top end trim of Manza called?
23.Tracker used to check the status of booked vehicles from order booking tll delivery is ____
26.3 chamber headlamp is a characteristic of which Tata motor car?
28."VTT" is part of 2.2 __________ Engine
29.Drivetech4 is associated with brand ________
32."Fits no label" is the brand tag line of this model
33.What is the Arias seating capacity?
1.Where is the TATA Vista manufactured?
2.The new tracker that can help salespersons arrive at more accurate delivery dates is the ____
4.The latest MPV launched by TATA which has the tag line "Bade Dil Wala" is
6.What is the name of the latest car launched by Toyota?
8.EBD stands for _________________ brake force distribution
10.What is the name of the body that conducts the annual SSI survey?
11.In MPFI, "I" stands for ________________
12.What does A in ABS stand for?
13.CVCP is a feature of ____ engine
14.Maximum power output is developed only when the engine reaches a particular ______
15.CSI stands for Customer ________________ Index
17.Which brand does Ranbir Kapoor endorse?
20.Tool used to help schedule deliveries is called ________
22."The finesse of a sedan, with the muscle of an SUV" is the tagline of which vehicle?
24.What is the name of the new concept shown by Tata Motors at the recent Geneva Motor show?
25.A special low cost ECU was made for the Nano by ____________
27.Which agency certifies the fuel efficiency of the cars?
30.What is the Safaris seating capacity?
31."Now you can" was the tagline used to promote this car when launched

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