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Astronomer's vocabulary

Mohamed Bakrim

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1.the distance that light travels in one year; about 9.46 trillion kilometers
4.a region of the sky that contains a recognizable star pattern and that is used to describe the location of objects in space
6.the band of colors produced when white light passes through a prism
7.the angle between an object in the sky and the horizon
8.an object so massive and dense that even light cannot escape its gravity
9.a telescope that uses a set of lenses to gather and focus light from distant objects
11.the brightness of a star as seen from Earth
12.a telescope that uses a curved mirror to gather and focus light from distant objects
14.a gigantic explosion in which a massive star collapses and throws its outer layers into space
16.an instrument that collects electromagnetic radiation from the sky and concentrates it for better observation
17.the time required for Earth to rotate once on its axis
18.the line where the sky and Earth appear to meet
19.a division of the year that is based on the orbit of the moon around the Earth
2.all of the frequencies or wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation
3.the point in the sky directly above an observer on Earth
5.the brightness that a star would have at a distance of 32.6 light-years from Earth
7.the scientific study of the universe
10.a small, hot, dim star that is the leftover center of an old star
13.an apparent shift in the position of an object when viewed from different locations
15.the time required for the Earth to orbit once around the sun

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