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The Excretory System Crossword Puzzle

Brian, Brent, Kevin, Rahul

Use your book if you need to. There are no spaces in any word, but there is a comma in one word.

1                       2    
3 4  
5                       6
      10 11                    
14             15                      
16     17    
      18           19
22       23   24                

1.a hollow, cup-shaped structure
5.process by which liquid is taken back into a vessel
9.these are formed when calcium, magnesium, and uric acid salts in the urine crystallize
11.a section in the nephron tubule in which water is conserved and the volume of urine minimized
12.the inner part of a kidney cut in half
14.this organ excretes carbon dioxide (plural)
15.Excretion is one part of many processes that maintain (blank)
18.the tube that carries urine from the kidney to the urinary bladder
20.blood-filtering unit in the renal cortex of the kidney (plural)
21.if you are in need of a kidney, you probably will get a kidney (blank)
22.a toxic compound that is produced when amino acids are used for energy
24.one part of a nephron's blood supply
25.one way to survive without kidneys is through a kidney (blank) machine
26.the urinary bladder stores this liquid before the liquid is excreted
2.saclike organ in which urine is stored before being excreted
3.tube that carries urine from the bladder and releases it from the body
4.they connect the two blood supplies of nephrons together
6.the organ that excretes excess water and salts, and some urea in the form of sweat
7.the outer part of a kidney cut in half
8.a small network of capillaries encased in the upper end of the nephron; is encased by Bowman's capsule
10.where clean, filtered blood leaves the kidney through to return to circulation
13.what passing a liquid or gas through a filter to remove wastes is called
16.the other part of a nephron's blood supply
17.the process by which metabolic wastes are eliminated
19.organs that remove urea, excess water, and waste products from the blood
23.this organ takes up amino acids and converts them into other useful compounds

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