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English 10: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


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4.Where did Huck hide the money-bag? In the...
6.What was the name of the preacher who spoke at Peter Wilks's funeral?
7.It was an inconvenience for William Wilks to have a broken arm, because he couldn't hear or _________ and needed to use sign language.
12.When the niggers were sold, the mother and her sons were separated. Where did the mother go?
13.Out of the real Wilks brothers, who wrote all of the letters to Peter?
1.Huck told Susan that Mary Jane went to visit the Proctors, because Hanner was sick. What disease did Huck say Hanner had?
2.Where WAS Mary Jane going to stay for three or four days? At _____________ home.
3.When the King asked Huck, "Was you in my room night before last?" He said no, but who did he say had been in there? The...
5.Huck wrote 'Royal Nonesuch, ___________' on a piece of paper and gave it to Mary Jane. What was written after 'Royal Nonesuch'?
8.Levi Bell, the lawyer claimed to have seen the King the morning before Peter Wilks's funeral in a canoe. Where did he see the King? At the...
9.Who claimed to hiding the money? The...
10.For the funeral, a __________, a small keyboard organ was borrowed.
11.What room was Peter's corpse in? In the...

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