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Webelos Outdoorsman

Eric Hansen

1           2
4           5                    
6           7  
11 12   13          
  14       15        
16           17

1.We'll be loyal Scouts
4.If you pee this color, you are not drinking enough water
5.First thing to have ready before starting a fire (2 Words)
6.Used with a map to help find where you need to go - always points North
8.Used to type knots
9.Good to use as an emergency poncho if raining (2 Words)
10."Small stuff" that lights quickly with match, like pine needles
13.Done to plastic type ropes to keep them form unraveling
14.For tying two ropes together of different sizes (2 Words)
16.Your house for camping
18.Small sticks no bigger than you thumb that catch fire from tinder
19.Makes a loop in a rope that will not slip
20.Large pieces of wood the burn for longer period of times (2 Words)
2.Bed for camping (2 Words)
3.A popular type of rain gear for camping & hiking
7.Used for tying two ropes together or for tying bandages (2 Words)
11.Emergency tool when you are lost
12.Done to natural fiber ropes to keep them from unraveling
15.To give you energy and fight hunger on a hike (2 Words)
17.Need a bottle of this for all outings

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