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Music History

Robert Loretz

This puzzle asks basic questions regarding the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical periods

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1.the name of a style where there are many notes per syllable of words
5.the period of music where they considered themselves to be a 'rebirth' of great ancient culture
6.a keyboard instrument where the strings are plucked rather than hit
7.the large orchestral form that began in the Classical period
9.the sacred vocal music of the Renaissance with overlapping parts
11.the great composer of the Classical period who went deaf
13.the peiod of music when the piano was invented and replaced the harpsichord
18.the name of a style where there is only one note per syllable of words
19.the flash passage at the end of a concerto first movement to show the skill of the performer
20.the period of music with Bach and Handel
2.music without singers
3.the great secular vocal form invented in the Baroque period
4.a vocal form like opera but with religious theme and no set, costumes or acting
8.the classical composer who was a child prodigy
10.the name given to chant in the Middle Ages
12.the fun vocal music of the Renaissance for entertainment after dinner
14.A form of music for soloist and orchestra
15.The type of song that was secular in the Middle Ages
16.The composer of "Messiah"
17.the classical composer who wrote over 100 symphonies

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