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Personality: Chapter 14

No spaces between words

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2.Trait theory assumes that traits are consistent influences on our ___.\
5.One of the Big Five.\
7.One of the Big Five.\
10.Freud's approach; early childhood experiences and unconscious forces.\
11.One of the Big Five.\
14.a characteristic pattern of behavior; a stable and enduring tendency to behave in a particular way.\
15.The __-factor model organizes all traits into categories.\
17.___ a relatively stable pattern of thinking, feeling and acting.\
19.Freud's third division of the mind; applies to moral values and standards of parents and society.\
20.Jung's unconscious that includes ancient memory traces and symbols shared by all cultures.\
23.How we see or describe ourselves is referred to as our ___-concept.\
24.The Thematic __ test has a subject make a story about people in situations.\
1.Karen Horney insisted that personality was influenced by the ___, child relationship.\
3.One of the Big Five.\
4.Freud technique that encouraged clients to talk about their disturbing thoughts; a method of exploring the unconscious\ (2 Words)
6.Personality dimensions identified by Eysenck in his factor-analytic studies: extroversion-?? \
8.__ tend to define themselves in terms of the group and give importance to the norms of the group.
9.According to Freud's theory, the main causes of behavior lie in this part of the mind.\
12.Our capacity for __ learning allows us to watch and learn.\
13.Argued that there are sixteen different personality factors; clusters of traits\
16.Freudian mechanisms that unconsciously help the ego reduce anxiety through self-deception.\
18.Self-__ is our belief of how capable we are controlling events in our lives.\
21.Freud's second division of the mind; finds socially acceptable ways of satisfying the id's desires.\
22.Mistakes in everyday speech that are thought to reflect unconscious thoughts; Freudian ______.\

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