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Mythology Puzzle EXTREME!

Ashley Dudek

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61   62     63 64      
65       66

1.EGYPT:primordial god, represented in the form of a human and serpent, supreme god in the Heliopolitan Ennead and formed with Ra to make Ra-Atum
5.NATIVE AMERICANS:in Algonquin mythology, the Great Spirit, Supreme Being (2 Words)
7.AFRICA:cuts the rope to High God; causes human mortality
10.AFRICA:cuts the rope to High God; causes human mortality
13.CELTIC:Irish god of healing, childbirth, sun, youth, and warfare (wierd combo package if you ask me!) ht lost his arm in battle in the Mythological Cycle; known as "of the Silver Arm (or Hand)"
15.CELTIC:Great Melody; sang the world into existence (2 Words)
16.Goddess of battle, wisdom, and knowlegde
17.EGYPT:Worshipped at Thebes (Luxor); was a consort of Amon & part of Theban Triad
18.CHINA:made disatrous floods, fought against Fire God and ruler of universe (2 Words)
20.NORSE:Trickster god! Turned into a female horse, made sweet love to a stallion, had a baby horse, then turned back into a male god
21.CELTIC:Horse god that accompanied the soul to the Otherworld
23.NATIVE AMERICANS:Wintun creator that intended for men to live forever
27.EGYPT:Earliest royal god, shape of falcon, has the sun and moon as eyes
28.CELTIC:Triad goddess of battle, strife, fertility; her triad form consists of Badhbh, Nemhain, and Macha; member of the Tuatha De Danaan. (2 Words)
32.AFRICA:Zulu creator god was both a god and a man
34.EGYPT:Goddess of fertility
35.NORSE:Bound the wolf Fenrir but lost his right hand
36.EGYPT:originally a double god, “the two falcons”, later joined to create one, probably that of Horus
37.NORSE:God of earth; worshipped in Denmark
39.CELTIC:God of light; protected sheep and cattle
42.GREEK/ROMAN:chained to a rock with an eagle tearing at his liver
44.NORSE:Early Germanic god of sky and thunder
46.CHINA:made disatrous floods, fought against Fire God and ruler of universe (2 Words)
49.NORSE:God of skis, bows, dueling and justice
51.CHINA:Expert Archer that shoots 9 extra suns
52.EGYPT:female counterpart to Amun, a primordial god in the Heliopolitan Ogdoad
53.CELTIC:God of thunder; oak tree is sacred to this god
56.CHINA:Caterpillar shape of Lady Silkworm (2 Words)
58.EGYPT:mainly worsippen in Alexandria, later worshipped by Greeks as Zeus. Never fully accepted by Egyptians in Ptolemaic period
59.Ruler of the gods
60.EGYPT:consort of Osiris and mother of Horus
61.CELTIC:god of love <3
64.Wife of Zeus
67.CELTIC:Mother goddess
68.NORSE:God of magic, inspiration, battle and the dead; ruler of the gods
69.AFRICA:brings sickness and death upon humans because of greed
2.CELTIC:Irish god of the Otherworld; ruler of Mag Mell
3.CELTIC:Irish race of gods; founded by Danu (3 Words)
4.NORSE:God of underworld, magic, inspiration, poetry; could be older form of Odin
6.EGYPT:fun fact...the name "Egypt" came from this god! (focus on the "pt")
8.AFRICA:Original form of "knowing;" led to human consciousness and seed of the universe according to the Bambara myth (3 Words)
9.NATIVE AMERICANS:in Shoshoni myth, made final decision that humans should die
11.EGYPT:a goddess that looks like a cow (I mean that in a non-insulting way)
12.EGYPT:Worshipped at Elephantine, was associated with the gazelle
14.CELTIC:God of earth, treaties; the "good god" or "great father"; leader of the Tuatha De Danaan and master of magic.
19.CELTIC:goddess of the dead
22.EGYPT:god of sacred writings and wisdom; was worshipped as a baboon in Hermopolis
23.EGYPT:Killed by his own brother *hint hint* he had a huge crush on Isis
24.CELTIC:god of the dead; wields a hammer
25.CELTIC:Horned god of fertility, life, abundance, and the underworld
26.GREEK/ROMAN:came to power by castrating his father
29.NORSE:Guards of Asgard, called the White Guard
30.GREEK/ROMAN:father of Prometheus, Epimetheus, and Atlas
31.AFRICA:Realm of emptiness in the Bambara creation myth
33.NORSE:Goddess of the fertility and the North Sea; worshipped on the Holland coast
38.AFRICA:The divine trickster the was responsible for quarrels; sits at crossroads of life
40.NATIVE AMERICANS:Sacred Earth Mother that feeds all living things
41.CELTIC:Triad goddess of patroness of poetry, smithcraft, martial arts, healing, and fertility
43.AFRICA:Yoruba chief god that ruled the sky
45.EGYPT:seen a bull with solar disk between its horns; associated with Osiris and Ptah
47.AFRICA:Dogon creator spirit
48.GREEK/ROMAN:tricked Cronus into swallowing a rock, saving her son Zeus
50.CHINA:God of cattle (2 Words)
54.EGYPT:consort of Osiris and mother of Horus, worshipped at Philae
55.CELTIC:god of every skill
57.AFRICA:Dogon cosmic egg
61.EGYPT:worshipped at Tell ‘Amarna
62.AFRICA:in Ganda mythology responsible for bringing death upon humans
63.NATIVE AMERICANS:Sea Spirit of sea and creatures of the sea MARRIED A DOG
65.NORSE:God of sky and thunder; protector of law and the community; has a GIANT hammer!
66.AFRICA:Fon divine blacksmith

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