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Heavy Metal Hurricane

Heavy Metal crossword puzzle

1 2 3
  4                           5
6                     7          
  8                   9         10 11
    12   13    
    14                       15   16                
        21   22  
23                       24                    
25                     26               27 28  
  31       32 33                
    34     35                    
36                   37   38      
  39   40     41                
42           43        
    44   45         46            
47     48       49                    
                  50 51 52
            54                     55
    57                   58          

4.The most Metal musician of all time (2 Words)
6.The Motorhead song everybody knows (3 Words)
7.________ Metal; for fans of punk, nukes, and moshin' it up
8.The greatest Metal guitarist of all time (2 Words)
14.An epic Power Metal band who are currently locked in combat with Manowar (3 Words)
16.The greatest Metal keyboardist of all time (2 Words)
17.Jim Carrey's favorite band (2 Words)
20.Introduced a new generation to the glory of Metal (2 Words)
21.The most poppy metal song ever
23.One of KISS's only Metal songs (3 Words)
24.The most Metal dude ever (2 Words)
25.The greatest Metal bassist of all time (2 Words)
26.Best band in the Big 4
30.YEAH HEAH HEAH!!!! (2 Words)
31.____ Metal; possibly the worst Metal subgenre ever
33.The greatest Metal drummer of all time (2 Words)
34.Used to be epic, their new singer sucks
36.Like a pterodactyl screech of epicness
38.A bad singer who is intensely popular
39.________ Metal; for fans of booze, drugs, groupie, sock-in-pants shenanigans, and really high hair
41.The Braveheart of Metal (2 Words)
42.What passes for today's metalhead
45.Best Dio album of the '80s (2 Words)
47.The father of Black Metal (2 Words)
53.Makes Power Metal epicer and Hair Metal poppier
54.Most influential band from the NWOBHM (2 Words)
56.Best Metal album in the past decade
57.The first Metal Band (2 Words)
58.Tried to kill Metal in the '90s
2.Was meant to be America's answer to Black Sabbath (3 Words)
3.The primary material used in the Metal uniform
5.An awesome instrument and a common fish
9.Tarik's favorite band
10.________ Metal; for fans of the warfather Woden and the Dark Lord Santa
11.The greatest Hair Metal band EVER
12.New to the metal scene, but really old (2 Words)
13.This guy is bent for leather. Hellishly so. (2 Words)
15.The greatest Metal vocalist of all time (3 Words)
19.Has the greatest Metal Scream of all time (2 Words)
22.We stole it from Punk. But it's awesome when we do it. (2 Words)
27.The root of all Rock 'N Roll
28.Has married around 4 or 5 Metal musicians (2 Words)
29.You've been down too long in the midnight sea (2 Words)
30.The band Maiden ripped off to become the most influential band of the NWOBHM (2 Words)
32.There's no dancing in Metal, there's this.
35.The center of most Metal songs, regardless of genre
37.________ Metal; I LOVE COOKIES!!! GRRRRRR!!!!!!!
40.What wannabe guitarists and drunk people do (2 Words)
42.This describes Manowar, Dio, and Jim Gillette's hair
43.Best Hair Metal cover band ever (2 Words)
44.Sold out to become a rap-metal band
46.Recruited to the Metal Militia from the Punk side
48.There is a continual debate as to whether they are Hard Rock or NuMetal
50.The first Power Metal Band
51.Started out as a Hair Metal band, then went on to become a SuckMetal band
52.The most unmetal metal band ever
55.________ Metal; for fans of swords, sorcery, elven boobs, and flaggons of ale

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