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1 2
4       5          
  6 7    
8                 9      
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    20       21

4.The ______ point you use on a perspective drawing.
7.Just the color by itself.
8.A large folder used to keep artwork from being creased.
9.Color plus white.
12.A piece of art created in memory of a person or event.
14.____ Colors are red, white and blue
15._______ disaster is a disaster caused by nature.
18.What are the building blocks of art?
19._____ suffered from a Tsunami this year.
20.Squares, circles and rectangles are all examples of...
23.Water _____ supplies spread when you add water to them.
1.The number of eyes that can go side to side on a face.
2.The path of a point moving through space.
3.What is 1/4 up the face from the chin?
5._____ Colors are purple, green and orange.
6.The line that separates the sky from the ground.
9._______ is the way an artist shows how something might feel.
10.Cubes, Cones, and Prisms are all examples of ....
11.What is 1/8 from the bottom of the face?
13.How light or dark something is.
16.Color plus black.
17.What is the best supply for small details?
20.A mark used to represent something else.
21.The Corners of the mouth lines up with the center of the ___.
22.The distance the eyes are from the bottom of the face.

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