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The Earth, My Butt, And Other Big Round Things

Shericka Myers

Its About a girl who is not happy with life or her family.. she thinks she is just the total outcast because she is an overweight girl..so she acts out to get her parents attention.

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2.When an overweight person feel down. they turn to_______.
5.The main character was named after a state that starts with a V and ends with an A.
7.The Main Character liked someone who was named after an animal. Its green with big eyes, and it hops. The guys name is________.
10.Virginia went by a fat girl code of conduct. what was the code called_______? (5 Words)
11.Virginia's mom and dad were never home. she would wake up and they would be gone she soon began to feel_________.
16.Virginia disobeyed her parents and left school to get plane tickets. This kind of thing is called_________ School.
17.Dying your hair purple is a ________ virgina was going throught
18.Another word for fat. 10 letters
19.Virginia ________ her body. Hint 5 letter word
20.Virgina Dyed her hair to get__________.
21.After you eat and you throw your food back up you have an___________. (2 Words)
24.Virginia's parents like to do alot of things, such as (golf, host parties) you can say that they were very___________.
1.The Name of the book im reading is called_________________? (9 Words)
3.Virginia was always__________. Hint: another word for sad.
4.Virgina kicked a wall and broke her toe, some may say she was_________.
6.Best friend leaves you and goes to another state you are________. 4 letter word
8.When Virgina got her eyebrow pierced, she sent her into a state of_________.
9.If your family tends not to invite you to special occasions and you sit home all alone you tend to get____________.
12.Virginia did this when she was depressed.
13.Looking in a mirror Virginia felt _______ when she looked at herself. Hint. Starts with a D
14.To channel her anger Virginia was sent to a boxing class that combines aerobics to boxing. its called_______? (2 Words)
15.Virgina's mom sent her to an ___________ to talk about her weight.
16.Walla Walla where Virgina's best friend moved to is in______.
22.Virginia's brother got suspended from college because he and some friends had sex with a girl beyond her will.. this is called________. (2 Words)
23.Virgina had a brother who was a great athlete and very handsome. You can say that he was a _________ in high school.

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