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Network + acronyms G-O


prep for comptia n+

1 2
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29                 30              
31           32          

3.___-Level Data Link Control (HDLC)
6.Internet ___ Message Protocol (ICMP)
7.___ Detection System (IDS)
9.Internet ___ for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
12.Internetwork___ Exchange(IPX)
13.___ Connection Sharing (ICS)
14.Media Dependent___ Crossover (MDIX)
16.Optical Time Domain___ (OTDR)
18.Institute of ___ and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
19.Multi-Protocol Label___ (MPLS)
21.Internet__ (IP)
24.___ Standby Router Protocol (HSRP)
26.Microsoft Challenge___ Authentication Protocol(MS-CHAP)
28.Integrated__ Digital Network (ISDN)
29.Internet Key ___ (IKE)
30.Hypertext ___ Protocol (HTTP)
31.Kilobits per___ (Kbps)
32.Internet Message___ Protocol (IMAP)
1.Internet Group___ Protocol (IGMP)
2.Light Emitting___ (LED)
4.__ Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)
5.___ Computer Architecture (ICA)
6.Local Exchange___ (LEC)
8.__ Transfer Protocol (FTP)
9.Gigabit Interface ___ (GBIC)
10.___ Distribution Frame (IDF)
11.Main Distribution___ (MDF)
12.Intrusion___ System (IPS)
17.Mechanical Transfer-Registered ___ (MT-RJ)
20.___ per second (Gbps)
21.Internet Service ___ (ISP)
22.Management Information___ (MIB)
23.Internet ___ Numbers Authority (IANA)
25.Line Printer__ (LPR)
27.Interior___ Protocol(IGP)

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