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Final Review


1                     2  
  3 4
5       6   7    
  8       9                       10
      13     14            
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21       22   23        
24                           25            
      26 27              
28 29                                  
31                   32       33 34              
  36                   37            
  39     40                    
  42           43            

1.A source that is there when an event happens
5.War and famine are examples of this type of facto
8.The Articles of Confederation failed because they were and gave the states too much power
9.Highest court in the land
11.Means: One
12.Main job of the Judicial branch is to laws
14.No ruler
15.Power is held by the people
16.Another word to describe the country
18.Voting is a of American citizens
23.Can be determined by asking the question "what's it like"
24.The US is the type of democracy
25.Eminent When gov't can seize land
27.Means: Vote
29.A location that uses proximity
31.The growth of city populations
34.The six purposes of gov't are found in this part of the constitution
36.This was declared in 1776
40.Wrote the first Code of Law
43.Advisors closest to the President
44.Article II explains this branch
45.Searving on jusry duty is a of American citizens
2.Law of the U.S.
3.This vote allows Congress to override a Presidential veto
4.Wrote the Communist Manifesto
5.Head of the Executive branch
6.Division of power between national and state gov'ts
7.People who move from one country to another
10.This amendment deals with search and seizure
13.Can't be tried for the same crime twice
17.This area can be defined by the same type of gov't, culture or climate
19.The voters in a politicans area
20.# of years on can serve in the HOR
21.The interaction of supply and demand determine
22.Water and coal are an example of this type of resource
23.Intro to Constitution
26.Economic system where the gov't runs key industries and controls natural resources
28.This is used to determine the number of seats in the HOR
30.Offical count of population
32.# of seats in the Senate
33.Can declare war
34.A map that shows rivers, lakes, mountains and other natural features
35.Rule by a king or queen
37.A person with certain rights and duties under the law
38.# of Supreme Court justices
39.The studey of citizenship and gov't
41.This amendment deals with freedom of speech
42.# of years one can serve on the Senate

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