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Complete this puzzle using only notes. One note or rest per square.

1   2
4 5        
7 8      
10       11
13 14    

1.4/4 doted half, eighth, eighth
4.4/4 First two notes are identical. The rest are of smaller value, also identical
8.2/4 Four notes, all identical
9.3/4 note, note, rest note
10.2/4 two notes then one rest
12.3/4 quarter beat, half beat
14.4/4 note rest note
15.3/4 rest note
16.4/4 Rest and one note
2.2/4 note rest note rest
3.4/4 two eighth beats, quarter beat, quarter rest
5.4/4 Includes three notes of the same value, one of a smaller value and a rest
6.3/4 Two identical short notes followed by two identical long notes
7.3/4 two notes then two rests
11.4/4 three beats in a bar
13.3/4 one note
14.2/4 First note is worth one beat

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