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Medieval and Renaissance Music

Robert Loretz

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4.A Catholic English composer of motets and a few masses in the time of Elizabeth I
8.An English composer famous for the madrigal "Fair Phyllis"
10.A sacred form of polyphonic 'a cappella' music for the worship of the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
11.the texture when there are many independent parts overlapping with different rhythms
12.the name given to sacred chant in the Middle Ages
13.the secular music of the Middle Ages was often ...... music which told a macrabre or strange story
15.the technique of overlapping the entries of parts
17.the texture of Gregorian chant
20.A Spanish composer of motets and masses in the time of Palestrina (late Renaissance)
21.the language of most Gregorian chant and motets
22.Victoria wrote a motet "O Magnum ......"
24.A sacred form of unaccompanied vocal music with overlapping parts in the Renaissance and late Middle Ages
25.An English composer of motets including "If Ye Love Me"
26.the texture when all the vocal parts move together in the same rhythm on different notes
27.chant where there is only one note per syllable like in many settings of the gospel readings.
1.A secular form of unaccompanied vocal music for entertainment and fun in the Renaissance
2.what Madrigals use to try to suggest the meaning of words through the musical setting
3.the folk and dance music of the middle ages had more of a regular ........... while the sacred music had a more fluid rhythm
5.An italian composer, one of the main composers for later motets and masses
6.the name when a piece of music is in the native language of the country
7.when music is sung and not accompanied by instruments, it is called "a .........."
9.the texture when all parts have exactly the same notes and rhythm or sing in octaves
14.chant where there are many notes to one syllable like in many "Alleluia" settings.
16.the technique of each part beginning an entry with similar notes or intervals and rhythms to the other parts
18.the texture when there is a main tune and a sense of accompanyment underneath
19.An English composer of Madrigals
23.the trivial syllables often sung in madrigals to express frivolous joy

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