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Animal Science

Amber Sager and John Nguyen

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5.male sheep castrated before sexual maturity
7.young goats under a year of age
9.animal that only eats plants
10.what type of animal is bambi
11.male cat
12.female sheep
15.a young dog
17.goat bred for meat
19.the process of a ewe giving birth
20.man's best friend
21.male hog castrated before sexual maturity
23.sexually mature female hog
24.female cat
25.male goat; also known as a buck
1.animal that only eats meat
2.the process of a sow giving birth to pigs
3.small dogs used for companionship
4.animal that eats both plants and meat
6.lays eggs
8.female goat; also known as a nanny
13.the name of the pig in Charlotte's Web
14.the meat that comes from swine
16.When ____ fly
18.likes to eat carrots
22.clothing material that comes from sheep

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