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Pyramus and Thisbe

Wilson Couture

A crossword puzzle of the Roman myth Pyramus and Thisbe. Enjoy!

2 3            
4         5   6
  7         8       9
10     11            
    12 13                
16 17                 18      
19                 20      

3.Male lover in the story
4.Object that kept Pyramus and Thisbe apart
7.Reason Pyramus and Thisbe could not freely be together
10.Female lover in the story
13.City in which Pyramus and Thisbe lived in
14.Reason Thisbe killed her/herself
15.Person retelling the story
16.A famous shakespeare play with a similar plot
19.Ruler of city where lovers lived
20.Place Thisbe sought refuge
1.Type of tree the lovers were to meet at
2.Color berries produced by the mulberry tree today
4.Color of tree before lovers meet
5.Color of tree in the middle of the story
6.Time of day when the lovers were to meet
8.Meeting place outside of the city
9.Person late to a meeting
11.Item Pyramus used to kill her/himself
12.Item Thisbe dropped
17.Original story teller
18.Animal Thisbe saw

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