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3.Objectives that lack the performance, conditions or criteria are often _________.
6.Instructional materials must be ______________ presented.
8.Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning outcomes are Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, _________ and Evaluate.
10.The components of an objective include the intended outcome, ___________ conditions and standard.
11.Teaching and learning activities designed to help the students to achieve the learning _______.
12.An objective is a written goal that describes an intended outcome, the necessary conditions that must be met to achieve the outcome and the _________ by which success or failure will be measured.
14.In an introduction page, we must include Participants’ Names, ______, Course objectives and content.
15.Under Robert Gagne’s nine instructional events, one of it is to provide ________ about performance correctness.
16.An objective has to be clear and _______ when it communicates to others on what have to be done.
17.Under one of the golden rules to design training notes, we need to avoid ______.
1.Designing Curriculum includes Identify the needs, Identify the learning/performance objectives, Define scope and sequence of topics, Media of Instruction, Scheduling of program, Types of evaluation and ______________.
2.To prepare the instructional materials, the trainer needs to provide notes that __________ the training activities.
4.There are ___ lesson planning guidelines that we need to follow.
5.Outcome of unclear objectives will result in ___________ and conflict due to different interpretation of objectives.
7.Robert Gagne defined instruction as: “a set of events external to the learner which are designed to support the internal _________ of learning”.
9.One way to comprehend the learning objective is to _________ it.
12.Performance objectives are important for determining the ________ in which material should be covered.
13.Objectives in whatever form, translate training needs into ________ intentions for development activities.

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