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Egyptian Mythology


Puzzle based on my research on Egyptian mythology. Made for classroom purposes.

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2.worshipped beings not of the world physically; said to be creators of the world
5.wife of Osiris; mother of Horus
8.the act of mummifying and preserving a dead body in Egypt
11.sun god; said to be born as a golden calf every morning and eaten by a woman at night everyday
13.body part of a god said to serve as a destructive force or symbol of protection
1.container that were put into along with their most valuable possesions
3.group of 8 gods
4.a superior bird who veils itself in fire, said to bring destruction
6.jealous brother of Osiris; murdered Osiris so that he can take reign
7.name of the long river that runs through Egypt; where dead Osiris was found
9.ruler of Egypt
10.god killed by brother,Set, and cut into scattered pieces; King of the dead
12.name of the serpent who set forth to kill Ra but failed

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