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The Oceans and the Seas

P. Weeks

This puzzle covers major vocabulary and concepts having to do with the oceans. There are no blanks between double words and no plurals. Words should be printed in capital letters.

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1.Steep drop off from a continental shelf down to the ocean basins
2.The newest ocean.
4.Most places in the Gulf of Mexico has this many high tides each day
9.Consists of tiny single-celled animals, sand, dust, excrement, bacterial colonies.
11.Waves move _______ from one point to the next, not water particles.
12.Southern Hemisphere currents flow a certain direction due to the ____ effect.
13.Horizontal distance from one crest to the next.
14.Strings of volcanic islands
17.The oceans cover about this percent of the earth's surface.
18.The lowest part of a wave
20.Current running perpendicular to the shore between gaps in the breakers.
23.A spit with a sharp bend is called a ______.
24.A scientist that studies the ocean from almost every field
26.The largest coral reef in the world is located off the coast of _________.
27.Greatest changes of tide levels in the world in New Brunswick
28.Found where two tectonic plates come together; deepest ocean depths
29.The highest part of a wave
30.Current running parallel to the shore.
33.The flat, deep ocean floor
35.A ring of low coral islands and reefs surrounding a central lagoon.
36.Cheapest way to remove salt from seawater; a filtering process
38.A form of sonar used to map the ocean floor
40.Occurs at the new moon and the full moon.
41.Causes most surface waves
42.May result from a collapse of a sea arch; rock isolated from shore by erosion.
43.Wave deposits that connect islands with each other or to mainland
3.Brings nutrients from the ocean floor to feed ocean food chains
5.Tides that occur during the first and third quarter phases of the moon.
6.Closed-loop flow patterns of currents in the ocean
7.To remove salt from seawater.
8.When a waves height is more than one-____ of its wavelength it becomes a breaker
10.Major cause of tides.
15.Northern Hemisphere currents flow in this direction.
16.Submerged edges of continents
17.Deposited sand forms a strip of land.
18.How many high tides and low tides there are each day.
19.Current that may take 1000 years to circulate once
21.The major mineral found dissolved in seawater.
22.Process involves evaporating seawater and condenses its vapor
25.Most important factor to determine density of seawater.
31.This current keeps England warm and her ports clear of ice in the winter.
32.Coral animals secrete calcium carbonate that accumulates, forming this
34.Submerged island protruding from the abyssal plain; usually volcanic
37.Flat-topped seamounts
39.More saline water tends to ___________ forming a density current.

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