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Energy and Its Conservation

G. Oakley

Physics terms associated with potential, kinetic, and thermal energy.

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4.describes a collision that conserves momentum but not kinetic energy
8.if either mass or height are doubles, potential energy __?__
10.measures average kinetic energy of particles in matter
12.process that changes energy from one form to another
13.energy that flows between two objects due to temperature difference
14.transfer of kinetic energy between particles of objects in contact
15.if speed doubles (same mass), kinetic energy __?__
17.energy my change form but total energy is always __?__
21.ability to cause change
25.SI unit of energy
26.transfer of energy through motion
27.energy form associated with vibrations of molecules (usually air)
28.potential energy in molecules of foods and fuels
29.describes a collision that conserves momentum and kinetic energy
30.energy of motion
1.potential energy due to position above Earth
2.temperature scale based on freezing and boiling points of water
3.energy form associated with any form of electromagnetic radiation
5.energy form associated with moving/distorted parts of devices
6.energy needed to melt 1 g of a solid at its melting point: heat of __?__
7.energy form associated with charged particles
9.device used to measure changes in thermal energy
11.simple device that transform potential to kinetic energy by swinging
16.stored energy (of position/condition)
18.energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 g by 1 ºC: __?__ heat
19.if mass doubles (same speed), kinetic energy __?__
20.potential energy in stretched/bent object
22.energy form associated with temperature and heat
23.SI unit of energy
24.resisting force that transforms mechanical into thermal energy

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