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Music Vocabulary, Ch. 1&2

Mrs. Penton

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1.A Chinese musical art form that combines instruments, speaking, singing, acrobatics, martial arts, and pantomime
4.A composition usually written in three lengthy sections or movements
5.The quality of sound
7.The ability to look at the world from another person's perspective
8.A single melody with chordal accompaniment
9.A musical style where all performers sing or play the same melody, but in a manner appropriate to each boice or instrument
11.Professionals who study the music of different cultural groups
12.A style of "art" music, as distinguished from popular music
16.A Mexican instrumental ensemble consisting of violins, trumpets, and guitars.
2.The ability to descern musical characteristics and describe them
3.Scientists who study characteristics and customs of a group of people
6.The distinct manner of character of musical expression
10.A spanish term for "mixed culture."
13.A warrior dance
14.Customs, ideas, tastes and beliefs acquired from a person's background.
15.A popular style of music that developed in America during the late 1800's and early 1900's

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