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Obj 25 Env Nat Res I

1 2       3          
  5   6                 7
9                   10    
  14 15                      
        16 17
20 21             22      

2.Fruit eaters
4.Water _______ are swimming birds that live in water habitats, such as ducks and geese.
5.Seed eaters
9.A species that is no longer common and is in danger of becoming extinct.
11.A _________bird stands in water searching for its food.
12.Brown trout, rainbow trout, and salmon perfer ____ water
13.________________Bird Act of 1929 – provided refuges for migratory birds
14.Eats a specialized diet
18.Bass, bream, tilapia, and bullfrogs live in _________.
21.The area an animal will defend, often to the death
23.A species that no longer exists outside of museums or photos
24.The ______ Act of 1900 was the first major law affecting wildlife
25.Channel catfish, largemouth bass, and carp linve in _____ water
1._________density refers to the number of game animals in a defined area
3.Insect eaters
6.Consumes great varieties of food
7.Eat many food types
8.Plant eaters
10.Meat eaters
15.A species that faces serious dangers and is likely to become endangered
16.Clam, kuruma shrimp, lobster, and oyster line in ________.
17.Blue crab, sea bass, striped mullet, and giant tiger shrimp line in _____ water.
19.Most _______________ bodies are 60-80% water.
20.A ________ bird swims or wades in water and lives in or near water
22.A species that exists in small numbers

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