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"Midsummer" Characters

William Shakespeare/Kari Manuel

This puzzle will help you remember the characters in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

  4 5              
    6   7      
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          10 11        
    15 16  
17             18         19

3.A fairy known for patience and spice
5.A young man willing to run away with his love
7.A joiner and a "most ferocious beast"
8.A fairy of spider silk
10.A fairy who wants a changeling child as his page
12.Queen of the Amazons, betrothed to the Duke
13.Another name of the mischevious sprite
17.The Duke of Athens
18.A carpenter & play director
20.A young lady betrothed to one man, but in love with another
21.A bellows mender who "has a beard coming"
1.A young man who "has the love of her father"
2.A fairy whose mother is "Mistress Squash"
4.The master of revels to the Duke
6.A flighty fairy with a name, but no lines
7.A tinker & wall
9.A tailor & man in the moon
11.A weaver & tragic hero in the mechanical's play
14.A fairy in love with a monster, at least for a time
15.A best friend who is spurned by the man she loves
16.A sprite who causes mischief
19.Father who has arranged a marriage

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