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Mammal Classification

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7.Order ___________________________ - (10 families and 117 species) kangaroos, wallaby, wombats, koalas
9.Subclass _______________ (Placental mammals)
10._____________________- (the feature for which mammals are named)- produce milk to nourish the young.
11.Order ______________________ (apes, monkeys, lemurs, people)
13.Perissodactyls have a _________________ to aid in digestion.
14.Order _____________________________ (elephant shrews)
16.Aquatic carnivores, known as ___________________, include the sea lions, seals, and walruses.
18.Order ____________________________ - numbat, and the now extinct Tasmanian wolf
24.Order ______________________ - opossums
26.Order ____________________ (even-toed ungulates: antelope, deer, camels, pigs, cows, sheep, hippos, etc.)
27.Subclass __________________ (marsupials, about 270 species of mammals whose young are in an immature state, most females have pouches)
29.Order _________________________ - only one living species, called "monito del monte" (Dromiciops australis)
30.Order ________________ (sea cows, manatees)
32.Order ___________________________ (elephants, mammoths, mastodonts, etc.)
34.In __________________ mammals, nutrients, oxygen, carbon dioxide and wastes are exchanged efficiently between embryo and mother through the placenta.
35.Order ________________- marsupial shrew-like insectivores
36.All mammals are members of the class ____________________.
37.In most species of marsupials, the young develop in a pouch called the ________________.
38._______________ are chisel-like teeth that cut.
39.Subclass _____________________ - the monotremes
40.Order __________________ (rodents: rats, mice, squirrels, gerbils, hamsters, etc.)
41.___________________ grind, crush, or cut.
1.Most artiodactyls are ruminants, or animals that have a ____________.
2.Order _______________________ (sloths, armadillos, anteaters)
3.Order _______________ (whales, dolphins)
4.___________________ shear, shred, cut, or grind.
5.Order _______________________ (rabbits, hares, pikas)
6.Members of the order Proboscidea have a nose that is modified into a long, boneless trunk, or ________________.
8.Order __________________________ - bandicoots and bilbies
12.Order ________________________ (odd-toed ungulates: horses, rhinos, tapirs)
13.Order ______________________ (carnivores: cats, bears like the panda, polar bear, grizzly, weasels, pinnipeds, etc.)
15.Order ________________________ (insect-eaters: hedgehogs, moles, shrews)
17.Order ____________________________ - marsupial moles
19.Order __________________ (bats)
20.A subset of synapsids, called _________________ , gave rise to mammals.
21.Order ____________________________ (aardvarks)
22.Order ____________________ (the pangolin)
23.Pointed ______________ teeth grip, puncture, and tear.
25.Order _________________________ (hyraxes)
28.Order ____________________________ (2 families of mammals that lay eggs with leathery shells and nourish the young with milk from belly pores: Family Ornithorhynchidae, duck-billed platypus and Family Tachyglossidae, spiny anteaters)
31.Hoofed mammals are called _____________________.
33.Around 300 million years ago, amniotes diverged into two groups. One group became the reptiles and birds. The other group called the ____________ eventually lead to the mammals.

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