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Earth Science Review for Final Part 2

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50           51                    

3.a climate zone that is consistently warm, humid, and experiences heavy precipitation (2 words)
7.the transfer of heat energy through the circulation of heated particles in a gas or liquid (ch 17)
9.high clouds that are thin and wispy (ch 18)
12.lava that is thick, sharp, and slow flowing (ch 9)
14.the level of Earth's atmosphere that contains the ozone layer (ch 17)
15.a molecule of oxygen consisting of three atoms that forms a protective layer in Earth's atmosphere (ch 17)
16.the occassional countercurrents that occur in the Pacific and cause havoc with normal weather patterns (2 words)
17.the natural heating of Earth's lower atmosphere and surface that allows life to exist (2 words)
19.the transfer of heat or energy from one particle of a substance to another (ch 17)
21.conditions (such as latitude, elevation, and topography) that determine the climate of an area (ch 21) (2 words)
25.winds that usually blow from the same direction (ch 19) (2 words)
27.the chemical name of the main salt in the ocean (2 words)
31.the transfer of energy through space by electromagnetic waves (ch 17)
33.the term that describes the cloud of gas and dust that the solar system formed from
34.what happens to air as it rises (3 words)
36.mass per unit volume
37.the periodic rise and fall of the ocean surface due to the gravitational pull of the moon and sun (ch 24) (2 words)
43.an area that is associated with descending air and clear, dry weather (ch 19) (2 words)
45.the source of the majority of California's fresh water
46.an area on the sun that appears dark because it is cooler than the surrounding areas (ch 26)
47.the change from water vapor to liquid water (ch 18)
48.the cause of Earth's seasons (2 words)
49.an area assocaited with rising air and cloud formation (ch 19) (2 words)
50.a climate zone that is characterized by dry conditions
51.the lower level of Earth's atmosphere where weather occurs (ch 17)
1.observations of weather collected over a period of time that helps describe a region (ch 21)
2.the closest star to Earth
4.occurs when a layer of cold air is trapped below a layer of warm air (ch 17) (2 words)
5.a boundary formed by a cold air mass advancing into an area of warm air (ch 20) (2 words)
6.the vertical movement of cold ocean water to take the place of surface water blown away offshore winds (ch 24)
8.the second source of energy for Earth after the sun (2 words)
9.thick, fluffy clouds with flat bases formed by rising air currents (ch 18)
10.free flowing lava that hardens into smooth, rope-like surfaces (ch 9)
11.free floating microorganisms that make up the basis of the ocean's food chain (ch 22)
13.the study of Earth's atmosphere (ch 20)
15.scientific study of the ocean (ch 22)
18.the amount of water vapor in air compared to the amount of water vapor that air can hold at that temperature and pressure (ch 18) (2 words)
20.the state of the atmosphere at any given time or place
22.the process that creates energy within stars (ch 26) (2 words)
23.an ocean current that is caused by the winds blowing across its surface (ch 24)
24.4.56 billion years (3 words)
26.the gas added to the atmosphere by early photosynthetic organisms
28.the deflection of currents of air or water due to Earth's rotation (ch 19) (2 words)
29.a boundary formed when warm air advances into an area of colder air (ch 20) (2 words)
30.the name of the galaxy we live in (2 words)
32.the main gas that makes up Earth's atmosphere
35.the force air exerts per unit area (ch 19) (2 words)
38.the measure of the dissoved salts in water (ch 22)
39.the main industry that uses the majority of California's fresh water
40.the movement of air from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure
41.the force that controls the universe
42.the boundary that separates two different air masses (ch 20) (2 words)
44.low clouds that cover the sky in a blanket-like layers (ch 18)

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